Key Stats

In Massachusetts, Women and people of color represent 51.5% and nearly 30%, respectively, of the state’s population. We undertook this research to understand the gender and racial representation among the 25 largest companies in the state, a proxy for corporations across the Commonwealth.

Key findings:

  • The corporate ladder appears to be broken at the top rung for both women and people of color. While women account for 25% of executive teams, from which CEOs are chosen, they only comprise 10% of highest paid executives and 4% of CEOs.
  • Women of color are grossly underrepresented on both boards and within executive management, holding only 6% of boards seats and 3% of executive leadership positions.
  • Progress has been made on corporate boards where women count 31% of seats, demonstrating that focus and intentionality yield results.

The data also show:

  • 1 company – Bright Horizons – has reached gender parity across all leadership levels, demonstrating that gender parity is possible now!
  • 5 companies have women Lead Independent Directors (LIDs) – American Tower, Bright Horizons, Hologic, Skyworks, and State Street.
  • 3 companies have reached gender parity among their executive leadership teams – Alexion, Alnylam, and Bright Horizons; Alnylam has also reached fair representation of women of color for this group
  • Insulet is the only company among the 25 with a female CEO.
  • Alnylam is the only company to have reached fair representation of women of color (15+%) on its executive leadership team.
  • 80% of top companies score as “unsatisfactory” or “need urgent attention,” requiring significant change to achieve gender parity, according to the report.
  • Women of color are grossly underrepresented across the board, especially among the CEOs and LIDs, and they comprise only 1% of highest paid executives (HPEs), 3% of the executive leadership teams, and 6% of board members.
  • 14 companies do not have a single woman among their highest paid executives – Akamai, American Tower, Analog Devices, Boston Properties, Boston Scientific, Eversource, Keurig Dr Pepper, PerkinElmer, Raytheon, Skyworks, Teradyne, Thermo Fisher, Vertex, and Wayfair.


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