Women in Leadership
Ranking of All Companies

This index ranks the Top 25 Companies in Massachusetts by their gender parity among key levels of leadership. You can sort by column headings below or use the search function. To learn more about how we calculated this data, please refer to page 16 of the report.

RankCompany/ Market Cap (B)CEO / Past CEOHPEExec LeadersLIDBoardAudit ChairComp ChairN&G ChairRating
1Bright Horizons ($9)M/ M3/5 (60%)5/8 (63%)W7/13 (54%)MMWSatisfactory
2Insulet ($11)F/ M1/5 (20%)3/9 (33%)M4/9 (44%)MWMNearly There
3Alnylam ($14)M/ M1/5 (20%)4/8 (50%)M4/11 (36%)WWMNearly There
4Hologic ($14)M/ M1/6 (17%)3/13 (23%)W3/8 (38%)MMWNearly There
5State Street ($27)M/ M1/5 (20%)7/19 (37%)W4/13 (31%)MMMNearly There
6Alexion ($26)M/ M2/6 (33%)6/9 (67%)M2/10 (20%)MMWUnsatisfactory
7General Electric ($95)M/ M1/6 (17%)4/19 (21%)M4/10 (40%)WMWUnsatisfactory
8Iron Mountain ($9)M/ M1/5 (20%)5/13 (38%)M4/13 (31%)MWMUnsatisfactory
9Waters ($15)M/ M1/5 (20%)3/8 (38%)M3/10 (30%)WMMUnsatisfactory
10TJX ($72)M/ F1/5 (20%)0/4 (0%)M5/11 (45%)MMWUnsatisfactory
11Raytheon ($60)M/ M0/6 (0%)4/13 (31%)M5/13 (38%)WMMUnsatisfactory
12Skyworks ($17)M/ M0/6 (0%)1/8 (13%)W2/10 (20%)MWMUnsatisfactory
13Biogen ($52)M/ M1/5 (20%)2/7 (29%)M3/13 (23%)WMMUnsatisfactory
14American Tower ($95)M/ M0/6 (0%)0/5 (0%)W3/11 (27%)WMMUnsatisfactory
15Wayfair ($8)M/ M0/7 (0%)4/21 (19%)M3/9 (33%)WMMUnsatisfactory
16Boston Scientific ($60)M/ M0/5 (0%)3/15 (20%)M3/10 (30%)MWMUrgent Attention
17Eversource ($27)M/ M0/5 (0%)3/11 (27%)M3/11 (27%)MMMUrgent Attention
18Vertex ($58)M/ M0/7 (0%)5/16 (31%)M2/9 (22%)MMMUrgent Attention
19Teradyne ($11)M/ M0/6 (0%)1/10 (10%)M2/8 (25%)MMWUrgent Attention
20Keurig Dr Pepper ($42)M/ M0/6 (0%)2/10 (20%)M*3/12 (25%)MMMUrgent Attention
21Akamai ($14)M/ M0/5 (0%)4/21 (19%)M2/10 (20%)MMMUrgent Attention
22Analog Devices ($42)M/ M0/5 (0%)1/8 (13%)M3/12 (25%)MMMUrgent Attention
23PerkinElmer ($10)M/ M0/6 (0%)1/7 (14%)M2/9 (22%)MMMUrgent Attention
24Boston Properties ($21)M/ M0/5 (0%)0/9 (0%)M4/11 (36%)MMMUrgent Attention
25Thermo Fisher ($127)M/ M0/5 (0%)2/17 (12%)M3/13 (23%)MMMUrgent Attention