Key Stats

In Massachusetts, Women and people of color represent 51.5% and 28%, respectively, of the state’s population. We undertook this research to understand the gender and racial representation among 50 prominent public boards and commissions.

The data show:

  • 50% of the boards and commissions have less than 40% women board members. Only 32% have achieved gender parity.
  • Women comprise 22% of CEOs, 34% of board chairs, and hold 39% of board seats.
  • People of color comprise 7% of CEOs and 10% of board chairs; data on board members of color was not available.
  • Women of color comprise 2% of CEOs and 6% of board chairs.
  • Representation of women varies significantly among boards and often aligns with sectors traditionally considered female.
  • Women are woefully underrepresented among our key education boards, which is an urgent concern given the fact that women are 75% of teachers in K-12, 94% of childcare workers, and 57% of all higher education students in our state.


Read more in the “Women’s Power Gap Diversity Snapshot: Public Boards and Commissions in Massachusetts.” See how these boards and commissions stack up to each other by using our interactive tool to sort through them.