Key Leadership Statistics: Higher Education in Massachusetts



We undertook this first-of-its-kind study to determine who is leading on gender and racial balance among Massachusetts institutions of higher education and who is falling behind. Women represent 57% of all students at these institutions and are earning the majority of doctoral degrees, yet they hold only 31% of all presidencies. Why does such gender disparity in leadership exist in a field where women have been excelling for decades?

As the birthplace of higher education in America, Massachusetts can and should become the state where women’s leadership among higher education institutions is as prevalent as men’s. In the “Women’s Power Gap in Higher Education: Study and Rankings,” the numbers reveal the challenges to achieving this goal. See how your school stacks up by going to our Rankings page. Use our interactive tool to find your school’s rank and to email your school’s president/chancellor to encourage that he or she makes gender parity a priority.