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65 American International College

Enrollment: 3,388 - 71% Women

Past Women Presidents: 0

Women On Board: 0% (2 of 20)

Women Deans: 100% (3 of 3)

EVP: Male

Classification: Private, Bachelor's

President: Vincent Maniaci * Male

Board Chair: Male

Provost: Female

Highest Salaried: 43% Female


While American International College has a female provost and all three of their deans of degree-granting programs are women, the school ranks in the bottom half on gender leadership overall because their board and leadership are predominantly male and all, but one past president has been male. American International College has a female enrollment of 71%, so we would expect to see more parity on their board as well as in their representation at the senior leadership level. Women comprise 43% of their most highly compensated professionals.