Liz Miranda

Liz is one of 46 women elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives on November 6, 2018.

We asked Liz what her motivation was to run for State Representative. Her response: “On August 20th, 2017, my brother Michael A. Miranda was murdered outside of a Boston nightclub. It changed my life forever. I have spent my entire adult life providing opportunities and protecting young people. However, my family was still not immune from the disease of gun violence. Having experienced this incredible loss, I fully empathize with the challenges many survivor families face when they attempt to find resources and support. I began to understand that the State House was where decisions are made and where resources are distributed. I knew that was where I needed to be if I wanted to end gun violence. As a community leader, I was always afraid to run for office because I did not see many women who looked like me and came from places like the Dudley St. triangle, in positions of power and leadership. I learned at the time that there was only one black woman in the entirety of the Massachusetts State Legislature, and I wanted to join her.”

More about Liz
Elizabeth “Liz” Miranda is an example of what can become of Boston’s young people when they are given the opportunity to rise above their circumstances. As a first generation Cape Verdean-American and lifelong Roxbury resident, Liz has spent her entire life in the district she now represents. She is a Wellesley College alumna and proud graduate of the John D O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science in Roxbury.

Liz is a true youth champion, community builder, and philanthropist. She has had a long career in both community building and youth development which began as a teen living in the Dudley Street neighborhood through the Nubian Roots Youth Committee, the DSNI Board, Mytown,Inc. and the Orchard Gardens Teen Center. Liz has been a staunch advocate for gun violence prevention, environmental justice, economic empowerment, and for women and girls of color. As an activist, educator, and non-profit executive, Liz has always utilized social innovation to drive community change. Her life-long work has activated and amplified resident and youth power. Along with the title of State Representative of the 5th Suffolk district, which includes parts of Roxbury and Dorchester, Liz currently serves as Executive Director of the Hawthorne Youth and Community Center and sits on numerous non-profit Boards.

Word of encouragement to other women: “When one woman takes a step forward, we all move forward. Run because we need us in the halls of government, making policies that advance and protect women. When we advance women, we advance our entire families and communities.”

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