Maria Robinson

Maria is one of 46 women elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives on November 6, 2018.

We asked Maria to share a word of encouragement with women who consider running for office. Her response: “As a life-long Girl Scout, I have always known that I wanted to be in public service. I love my community of Framingham, where my husband and I chose to settle our family. When the opportunity arose to run for office, I knew it was my chance to fight for my city using the skills that I have built up over the course of my career in renewable energy policy. You don’t have to have the perfect resume to run for office; you just need the drive and passion to serve your community.”

More about Maria
Maria Robinson was recently elected to be State Representative for the 6th Middlesex District and is poised to be the first Korean-American elected to the General Court. Presently, she leads Advanced Energy Economy’s Wholesale Markets Program, including engagement at FERC and the regional transmission organizations. Previously, she focused on regulatory issues relating to energy and air, including leading the organization’s state Clean Power Plan campaign, covering over two dozen states across the country. She also worked for Navigant Consulting in the renewable energy practice, supporting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in analyzing and procuring contractors for statewide renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. She holds an S.B. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Masters of Jurisprudence in Energy Law from the University of Tulsa. She lives in multi-generational housing with her husband, Matt, her two children, her parents, and their dog, Guinness.

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