Mindy Domb

Mindy is one of 46 women elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives on November 6, 2018.

We asked Mindy why we need more women leaders. Her response: “I am so proud to be in a class with such a diverse, experienced, and talented group of women. When there are more women in the room – wherever the room is, including government at all levels – our experiences, skills and perspectives follow and impact decisions, affect results and create change. Representation matters. At a minimum, our presence means the conversation will be deeper and more inclusive and the process will benefit.”

More about Mindy
A 20-year resident of Amherst, Mindy Domb has dedicated her life to addressing the needs of under-served communities and advocating for fairness, equity and opportunity.

As a nonprofit leader, public health educator, trainer, program developer, community organizer and advocate, and congressional aide, she has developed innovative services through partnerships, community education, and community coalitions.

She was the Executive Director of the Amherst Survival Center since 2013, a multi service basic needs organization that connects approximately 6,000 residents of Hampshire and Franklin Counties to food, clothing, healthcare, wellness, community, volunteer opportunities in over 49,000 visits.

Prior to that, she led statewide programs in Massachusetts to educate staff of drug and alcohol treatment programs, jails, and homeless shelters on how to integrate public health issues like HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, and opioid overdose prevention into their work with clients. In addition, she directed a training program for health and human service providers to support LGBTQ youth. Her work was recognized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control for her work and the International Harm Reduction Association for the development of an online harm reduction training program. In 2010, she founded Make It Better Amherst, a social network of allies that formed in response to the suicide epidemic of LGBTQ teens. Mindy was also the co-founder of the Berkshire AIDS Coalition, served as the Department of Public Health’s regional coordinator of its HIV testing program in western Massachusetts, started Massachusetts’ first jail-based HIV education program in the Berkshire County House of Corrections. Before moving to Massachusetts, Mindy worked for Congressman Ted Weiss (D-NY), opening his lower Manhattan district office, conducting constituent services, advocating for a federal response to the HIV epidemic, and working to prevent the federal government from stationing nuclear weapons in New York Harbor.

Mindy is a former member of Amherst Town Meeting. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College and completed graduate coursework in adult learning at Teachers College Columbia University.

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